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August 17th, 2024 | Rotterdam

Welcome to our city


Public transport

Rotterdam has a public transport network consisting of bus, tram, subway and ferry lines.


Interesting places

There are lots of places to see and things to do in- and around Rotterdam.


Health & Safety

When you travel abroad, your health (or safety) is probably not the first things you’ll be thinking about.


Rotterdam Tourist Information provides you with great tips and current tourist information. Check out their website for more information.

About the Anomaly

Anomaly FAQ

What is an Ingress anomaly?

An anomaly is a FREE city-based Ingress event hosted by Niantic and passionately supported by our dedicated local organizing team. Anomalies have been taking place all around the world since 2013, and we're thrilled to announce that Rotterdam will be hosting an anomaly on August 17th, 2024. The main anomaly event is scheduled for Saturday, but there will be related activities and gatherings happening throughout the weekend.

The Rotterdam anomaly event itself will span approximately 3 hours, encompassing 3-4 hours of exhilarating gameplay. Following the anomaly, there's also an optional social meetup at a Resistance afterparty to celebrate a day of intense competition and camaraderie.

Whether you're a seasoned anomaly veteran or a new agent eager to learn the ins and outs of Ingress, there's a place for you with the Resistance at the Rotterdam anomaly!

Our dedicated Resistance organizers are working tirelessly to ensure that every agent's needs are met. We've curated assignments for both fast-moving teams and those who prefer a slower, more strategic approach.

No matter your preferences, you're a vital part of our team, and we value your participation!

The Resistance organizers are here to assist with travel and accommodation advice, party planning, merchandise, and coordinated strategies for Resistance players. Our goal is to make your anomaly weekend an unforgettable and immersive experience!

Anomalies offer a multitude of unique opportunities, including:

  • Exploring the vibrant city of Rotterdam through the lens of an Ingress event.
  • Hacking numerous unique portals and adding impressive banners to your agent profile.
  • Meet and celebrate with hundreds of fellow Resistance teammates.
  • Building new friendships with agents from around the world while reconnecting with old acquaintances.
  • Engaging in a strategic virtual battle like no other.
  • Earning or advancing your badges, including the coveted Rotterdam anomaly badge.
  • Exploring the arts & local restaurants, while trading a plethora of swag and, of course, indulging in delicious food and refreshments.
How does it fit in with the global battle?

Apart from being a great reason and opportunity to explore new places and meet awesome people, Ingress anomalies are competitive virtual battles between the Resistance and the Enlightened.

Anomalies are typically part of a series, with the win for either faction, determining the ultimate victor.

Why is there an anomaly in Rotterdam?

Niantic chooses anomaly locations based solely on their own decision process.

We are excited about the opportunity to host a great event for all the Resistance agents in the wonderful city of Rotterdam and can't wait to make it a successful and fun day for everyone!

What type of gameplay challenges will there be?

We do not yet have official rules for the Rotterdam anomaly, but will post them here once they are released.

Gameplay will likely consist of a combination of Battle Beacon and Shard play.

What do I do on the day?

In anomalies, we play in teams. This can be you and your friends, or we will assign you a team optimized to your speed and experience.

Your timetable will depend on your team's assignment. Playing in a coordinated group helps us to coordinate everything on the day, and is the only way we can win the anomaly.

Once you register, we will explain the whole anomaly and everything you'll need to do on the day in detail.

Do I have to register with Niantic?

No, Niantic has changed how this works. You no longer need to register with Niantic to earn the anomaly badge.

We are not certain of the requirements for the Rotterdam anomaly badge but if 2024 is any indication, it will be awarded once you have performed certain interactions with Niantic deployed battle beacons. (We will update you on the rules once they are released.)

Just be sure to register with the Resistance so that we can help make your experience and our chances of winning the best possible!

Can I be on a team with my friends?

You can create your own team with your friends after you have signed up. Many players sign up in groups that always go to anomalies together.

But it's OK if you don't know anybody yet. We can assign you to a team that matches your speed, language, physical capabilities and experience.

What time does the anomaly take place?

The Rotterdam anomaly will take place on Saturday, August 17th, 2024, in the afternoon, with exact times to be announced closer to the date.

However, your team will be likely to meet up earlier in the day so that everyone can get to know each other.

General information

General FAQ

Will there be a Resistance pre-party / after-party?

Yes, of course! The opportunity to catch up with other agents of our wonderful faction, make new friends & chat with old ones, and exchange some swag – this can't be missed!

Find all the information about Resistance-only events after signing up!

Will there be a Mission Day?

Yes! We welcome you to explore the city guided by missions that will showcase Rotterdam's unique atmosphere and increment or earn your Mission Day badge!

Will there be GORUCK?

Absolutely! Register and stay tuned for further details!

Will there be NL1331?

NL1331 portal will be present, but not the van itself.

Will there be lots of swag?

Absolutely! You can purchase swag in our swag shop.

Will there be a Niantic registration/afterparty and official swag?

We currently do not have any information regarding Niantic's plans for their participation during the Rotterdam anomaly.

We will keep you updated once we know more!

I have specific mobility needs, can I still participate?

You can absolutely still participate in the event!

It is helpful to let us know your mobility needs when you register so we can help you find a team that meets your needs.

Can I bring my kids?

Absolutely! If they want to participate they can either sign up themselves, or if you are not comfortable with that, you can always tell our Team Building and your Team Lead about it.

Please make sure to follow the Ingress Terms and Conditions.

Can I support my team if I cannot attend?

Yes, you can provide them with items, set up farming events prior to the anomaly, and tell other people about the anomaly and where to sign up.